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Release date Apple Watch 7 If we had to guess the Apple Watch 7 release date, we'd pinpoint mid-September 2021. For the last few years, without fail, Apple has debuted a new smartwatch via a Tuesday keynote in the Fall, with availability starting Friday of that week or the next Jun 7, 2021. On June 1—known as World Outlander Day, to the show's most devoted fans—Starz delivered a double dose of news via the show's Instagram. First, we can expect season 6 in early 2022, but it will be a shortened season (yay/booo). Second, there's a silver lining: Season 7 will be a whopping 16 episodes long

The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date and Time. The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 7 will be released on 5 August 2021. Most of the peoples have been curiously wanting to know when will release The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 7. You can check out The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date, Time, cast & other details below Naagin Season 7 Trailer (नागिन सीजन 7 ट्रेलर) कुछ सूत्रों के अनुसार Naagin 7 Trailer को जल्द यूट्यूब पर रिलीज किया जा सकता है। कयास तो यही लगाए जा रहे है कि 21 मार्च से पहले Naagin 7 Trailer को रिलीज किया जाए। एकता कपूर ने अभी तक इस. The other secret is out: Younger, one of the best necklace-porn shows that you and your mother can both talk about, will be premiering its final season on April 15. This 12-episode seventh season..

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More information on donations may be found at: http://www.openssh.com/donations.html Future Deprecation Notice ===== The 7.0 release of OpenSSH, due for release in late July, will deprecate several features, some of which may affect compatibility or existing configurations Please refer to our development plan for future releases and an alternative view of the release history. Release. Release date. GCC 8.5. May 14, 2021. GCC 11.1. April 27, 2021. GCC 10.3. April 8, 2021

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Note When a switch is connected to Cisco Nexus 2348UPQ, 2348TQ, and 2332TQ Fabric Extender, and you perform a nondisruptive upgrade to Cisco NX-OS Release 7.0(7)N1(1), 7.1(2)N1(1), 7.2(0)N1(1), or 7.3(0)N1(1) and later, you must reload the mentioned FEXs after the nondisruptive upgrade for the CSCut90356 fix to be effective; alternatively, you. JRE Expiration Date. The expiration date for JRE 7u40 is 12/10/2013. After this date, Java will provide additional warnings and reminders to users to update to the newer version. For more information, see JRE Expiration Date. Java Mission Control (JMC) 5.2 Release Note Java 7 Update 79 (7u79) Release Highlights. IANA Data 2015a JDK 7u79 contains IANA time zone data version 2015a. For more information, refer to Timezone Data Versions in the JRE Software.; Bug Fix: Improve jar file handling.Starting with JDK 7u79 release, the jar tool no longer allows the leading slash / and. (dot-dot) path component in zip entry file name when creating new and/or. WHAT IS THE RELEASE DATE AND TIME FOR MARE OF EASTTOWN EPISODE 7 ON OCS? The release date for Episode 7 of Mare of Easttown has been set for May 31, 2021, on OCS in France! For the more impatient who want to know what time the series will be released. It was set for 10 p.m. local time in the US on HBO! The release time of episode 7 of Mare Of Easttown will therefore be set for the night of Sunday to Monday! DID BILLY KILL ERIN The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 7 Release Date and Time, Cast, Trailer is highly waiting by most of the fans and they have been curiously wanting to know when is The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 7 release date. Well, the release date of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 7 [

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Abstract. The Release Notes provide high-level coverage of the improvements and additions that have been implemented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 and document known problems in this release. For detailed documentation on all changes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the 7.2 update, refer to Errata on the Red Hat Customer Portal DISCOVER ALL THE INFOS CONCERNING SCHITT'S CREEK SEASON 7 ON CANAL +! RELEASE DATE, RENEWAL, AND MORE. Schitt's Creek is available on Canal +!If you want to know all about the Season 7 release, read on!Schitt's Creek is a Canadian drama series created by Dan and Eugene Levy that premiered on the CBC network on January 13, 2015. It aired in France on Canal + WatchOS 7 release date. Apple's Time Flies event had Apple Watch Series 6 as the showstopper. Apple Watch SE was unveiled in this event too. Both the new editions will be shipped with WatchOS 7. WatchOS 7 release date for other supported devices has been set for 16th September 2020

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Copy Apache Commons DBCP 1.4 and Apache Commons Pool 1.5.7 source code into the Tomcat 7.0.x tree to enable additional fixes to be pulled in. (markt) Update the copy of Apache Commons DBCP 1.4.x and Apache Commons pool 1.5.x to the latest source code as of 2019-03-15 to pick up multiple bug fixes including 58338 The Release Notes provide high-level coverage of the improvements and additions that have been implemented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 and document known problems in this release, as well as notable bug fixes, Technology Previews, deprecated functionality, and other details

The most recent branches to reach end of life status are: 7.2: 1 Oct 2020; 7.1: 24 Oct 201 Update Release Notes Index ; Java™ SE Development Kit 7, Update 45 (JDK 7u45) The full version string for this update release is 1.7.0_45-b18 (where b means build). The version number is 7u45. Highlights. New Features and Changes; JavaFX Release Notes; Olson Data 2013d. JDK 7u45 contains Olson time zone data version 2013d Currently, LLVM releases are distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source License, an OSI-approved license. However, LLVM version 8 will be the last release under that license as LLVM is moving to a new license structure. You can find more details about this in the developer's policy ALL THE NEWS ABOUT HUNTER X HUNTER SEASON 7! CONTINUATION, RELEASE DATE, AND MORE. Hunter x Hunter is available on Netflix! continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the Season 7 premiere! Hunter x Hunter is a fantasy action-adventure anime based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.. It depicts a world in which an elite group of people. The Penthouse 3 Episode 7 Release Date and Time, Cast, Trailer is highly waiting by most of the fans and they have been curiously wanting to know when is The Penthouse 3 Episode 7 release date. Well, the release date of The Penthouse 3 Episode 7 is finally out! We have updated all the information [

Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) Episode 7 Release Date By Naila Annisa 19 Jul, 2021 Post a Comment Why is Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) not available this week? When will episode 7 be released? Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) is not available this week. It is wondered by those who follow the series closely Wrong Turn 7 Release Date ? We will try to give information about the film Wrong Turn 7. Wrong Turn 7, one of the best horror movies of all time, was one of the most frequently asked questions after the film's latest series, Wrong Turn 6, which was released in 2014. The film has a total of 6 series

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Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings) Episode 7 Trailer has been released, what will happen in the 7th Episode, the new episode of Cam Tavanlar series? You can watch the 7th episode, the new episode of Cam Tavanlar series, on SHOW TV screens on Wednesday evenings The Product Matrix table below lists the lifecycle dates that have been announced for Citrix products and product versions that have not yet reached the end of their lifecycle. For products with no planned EOS date (shown as N/A), customers should expect that either a newer release will be available or the EOM and EOL dates will be extended Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application developed by Adobe Inc. and published as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program. First launched in 2003, Adobe Premiere Pro is a successor of Adobe Premiere (first launched in 1991). It is geared towards professional video editing, while its sibling, Adobe Premiere Elements, targets the consumer market The White Collar 7 Season Release Date. April 6, 2021. The White Collar 7 season release date was announced. Many fans of the criminal TV show White Collar wonder when will the 7th season be released. Unfortunately, the story of a charming con artist Neal Caffrey is coming to its logical end. Creators officially announced that they have plans. PHP 7 - release date, performance, features, changes Now we know that PHP 7 will be released in November 2015 (check the official PHP Wiki )! The new version includes a lot of changes and improvements

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vSphere 7. The new generation of vSphere for existing enterprise apps.Available in two editions. VMware vSphere 7, the new generation of vSphere, is now generally available.This major new release brings a massive improvement in the work experience of vSphere administrators, folks who are responsible for the security, performance, and resiliency of the infrastructure and applications that. Edit on GitHub Apache Struts Releases. The Apache Struts web framework is a free open-source solution for creating Java web applications. Releases of the Apache Struts framework are made available to the general public at no charge, under the Apache License, in both binary and source distributions. Full releases for current version are listed at Download page The VMware Horizon 7 version 7.10 release includes many new features and enhancements to Horizon Connection Server and Horizon Agent including continuing to build on the feature parity of Horizon Console, the HTML5-based web console that will eventually replace Horizon Administrator

14 February, 2020: release 3.5.7 available. This is a bugfix release for 3.5 branch. It fixes 25 issues, including third party CVE fixes, potential data loss and potential split brain if some rare conditions exists. See ZooKeeper 3.5.7 Release Notes for details. 19 October, 2019: release 3.5.6 available. This is a bugfix release for 3.5 branch DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 6, episode 7 is titled Back to the Finale Part II, With Ava a wreck, the Legends make a last-ditch effort to keep Sara from being abducted in the first place, even knowing that it will alter the timeline. Sara grapples with a discovery about herself and is shocked when Rory finds her on the mystery planet This release implements specifications that are part of the Java EE 7 platform. The notable changes compared to 8.5.69 include: Correct a regression in the previous release in the HTTP/2 flow control window management along with additional improvements to HTTP/2 flow control Make the CorsFilter simpler to exten DEPRECATE: remove release date from 7.62.0 HTTP: Don't attempt to needlessly decompress redirect body; INTERNALS: require GnuTLS >= 2.11.3; README.md: add LGTM.com code quality grade for C/C++; SSLCERTS: improve the openssl command line Silence GCC 8 cast-function-type warnings; ares: check for NULL in completed-callback; asyn-thread: Remove. More than 3,500 votes satisfied. since the last Long Term Support release. Confluence Server and Data Center 7.4 is a Long Term Support release. This means we'll provide bug fix releases until 7.4 reaches end of life, to address critical security, stability, data integrity, and performance issues

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Release Date Confirmed by Hallmark for Winter 2022 Current Show Status. When Calls the Heart Season 9 officially renewed for Winter 2022. Latest Episode Aired Sun 5/9/2021 The Kiss Season 8: Episode 12. Next Episode To be scheduled Episode 1 Season 9: Episode 1 WHAT RELEASE DATE FOR EPISODE 7 OF FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER? Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 7 Season 2 Episode 1 has a good chance of seeing the light of day. Kevin Feige said ideas for Season 2 of Falcon and The Winter Soldier have been discussed. No guarantee will happen, but the first season was a complete success The vSphere 6.7 release is the final release for two sets of vSphere client APIs: the vSphere Web Client APIs (Flex) and the current set of vSphere Client APIs (HTML5), also known as the Bridge APIs. A new set of vSphere Client APIs are included as part of the vSphere 6.7 release

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iPhone 7 News, Release Date and Price. Elise Williams. 2021-06-25 21:42:13 • Filed to: PDF Apps • Proven solutions. 0. It is that time of the year. As we are closing in on September, iPhone 7 news and rumors start to swirl around the Internet. Since 2012, September has been the month Apple releases its highly anticipated flagship So i want to know if there is maybe estimated release date for IOS 14.7? 07-04-2021, 12:58 PM. Just_Me_D. IOS 14.7 release date. I don't know when the next iOS version. Is released. Having said that, if updating iOS tends to fix the problem then more than likely reinstalling the current iOS version will also fix it. Have you tried doing that Vikings Will Not Get Season 7. Current Show Status. Vikings season 7 — Canceled. Latest Episode Aired Sat 6/5/2021 The Saga of Vikings Season 6: Episode 0. Next Episode Show ended 96 episodes total

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  1. Elijah Craig 18 Year (Expected Date) Elijah Craig 23 Year (Expected Date) Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch C919. -136.8 Proof. Four Gate Whiskey Co Bourbon Release 3 Foundation [NEW] -119.4 Proof - 748 bottles - Aged 9.9 years - Available in KY & TN - $200. Jack Daniel's Heritage Barrel 2019 Release [NEW] -100 Proof
  2. Ruby on Rails 7.0 Release NotesHighlights in Rails 7.0: Ruby 2.7.0+ required, Ruby 3.0+ preferre
  3. Release Date File Size; DAT Package For Use with McAfee ePO: Linux and Mac: ENS for Mac and ENS for Linux 10.7.0 and later only use the MED DAT files. The versions prior to 10.7.0 continue to use the V2 DAT. 4703: 08/21/2021: 99.3
  4. Kotlin releases. We ship different types of releases: Feature releases (1.x) that bring major changes in the language.. Incremental releases (1.x.y) that are shipped between feature releases and include updates in the tooling, performance improvements, and bug fixes.. Bug fix releases (1.x.yz) that include bug fixes for incremental releases.. For example, for the feature release 1.3 we had.

In pre-MySQL 5.7.5 releases, InnoDB reserves 1/16 of the space in clustered index pages for future inserts and updates. This behaviour changed in MySQL 5.7.5 with the introduction of the innodb_fill_factor option The release date of Call of Duty: Mobile season 7 is still unknown, but if previous seasons are any indication, it could go live before this month ends. The current season went live in late July, and seasonal updates usually arrive within a month. Meanwhile, Gamepur also notes that the Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass countdown. Unfortunately, editing a project whose dependencies hadn't been built (or whose output was out of date) meant that the editing experience wouldn't work well. In TypeScript 3.7, when opening a project with dependencies, TypeScript will automatically use the source .ts/.tsx files instead. This means projects using project references will now. The Release Notes provide high-level coverage of the improvements and additions that have been implemented in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 and document known problems in this release. For detailed documentation on all changes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for the 7.2 update, refer to Errata on the Red Hat Customer Portal With the final season having now arrived, here is everything you need to know about Bosch season 7. squirrel_widget_237190. Bosch season 7 release date: When is it out? Bosch season 7 premiered on 25 June 2021. All episodes of the series are available to watch as of 25 June, rather than it being a week-by-week affair

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date & Renewal. The anime is at a halt at the moment, the manga is no different it is on halt as well. We have enough content for another season, and we could be seeing Hunter x Hunter Season 7 as early as mid-2022. Fans have desperately asked for the seventh season of Hunter x Hunter Release Date: Dec 01, 2017 Download Page Summation Windows 7 64-bit / Server 2008R2 - v6.0.1 SP9 Release Date: Nov 28, 2017 Download Pag The content of these old releases can be accessed at the old Ubuntu releases directory.. Management of releases. Support length. Regular releases are supported for 9 months.. Packages in main and restricted are supported for 5 years in long term support (LTS) releases.Flavors generally support their packages for 3 years in LTS releases but there are exceptions

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A release date of June 2009 for Windows 7 would put Microsoft well ahead of schedule. Reason to rush. A June release date, however, is quite likely given existing conditions. On the one hand, the. There's no release date yet. Given that season 6 isn't expected to drop until early 2022, it's unlikely we'll see season 7 before 2023. Per Deadline, production will begin on season 7. guyz, please let me know when were the launch dates for SRM 6.0 and SRM 7.0. cheerz, raps 'The Flash' Season 7 Release Date, Cast, and Villain Announced. Erika Delgado; More Articles; May 18, 2020. To the dismay of fans, The Flash season 6 was cut short as a result of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the show will return for a seventh season to pick up where the action left off

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  1. g is the key Why would microsoft release Windows 7 SP2 when Windows 8 will be out in less than 3 months.
  2. With the final season air date confirmed, here is everything you need to know about Bosch season 7. Bosch season 7 release date: When is it out? Amazon has confirmed Bosch season 7 will premiere on 25 June 2021. It is not currently clear if all episodes of the series will be available to watch from 25 June, or if it will be a week-by-week affair
  3. Windows 7 Release Candidate due date is May 5?! Wow! I can't wait. I am gonna need a blank DVD to burn it to and use. I hope it is sturdy and doesn't crash or have too many bugs it it. What I don't know it how long that setup version on the hard drive will last. Will it last until the full and..
  4. plugin (for installer package). (Fix #9514) Fix UNC path with quotes handling in folder & file Open/Save dialog. (Fix #9582) Fix file doesn't save as extension type on Windows 7. (Fix #9657
  5. Here are the full changes for the release of 1.7.0 that are not already released in the 1.6.x branch, which includes commits from 1.7.0-rc.0 and commits from 1.7.0 directly. 1.7.0 is the last scheduled release of AngularJS that includes breaking changes. 1.7.x patch releases will continue to receive bug fixes and non-breaking features until.
  6. There's no such thing as a quick Java release, but Java 7 has taken longer than most: the Java in Production blog gave 2009 as an approximate launch date. JTJ-2011-05.pdf Read/Download File Report Abus

M1X MacBook Pro release date and tasty iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, AirPods 3, and iPad tidbits offered up by noted pundit 08/16/2021 Apple reduces almost all prices in the App Store across. WRC 7 release date set WRC 7, the official video game of the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship, will be released in the European autumn. The latest version of the highly successful game will feature the dynamic new 2017 World Rally Cars, which have thrilled fans around the world in one of the most exciting and unpredictable starts to a WRC season Make MRU tab activate instead of rightmost tab while tab closure (if MRU enabled). Fix folding state lost on the next startup issue. Make Replace-in-Files confirmation dialog modal to prevent from crashing. Add support of smart-indenting for Perl and Rust. Make recorded macro (IDC_FINDNEXT & IDC_FINDPREV)retro-compatible up to 7.8.4

The dates published in this document are for planning and discussion purposes only. It is intended solely to help you plan your I.T. projects. A date that exists in the future should not be considered a firm development date as the release and timing of platform releases are subject to change at any time and are at Oracle's sole discretion PHP 7 is the first major PHP release since PHP 5.0.0, which was released in 2004, more than 11 years ago. It is not like the PHP core developers have been sleeping for all this time. PHP 6 had an ambitious plan to bring transparent support for Unicode strings to PHP. However, its development stalled and PHP 6 was canceled in 2010 Release Notes. See Maven Releases History for more friendly view.. Release notes list: Release notes for Maven 3.8.2; Release notes for Maven 3.8.1; Release notes for Maven 3.6.3; Release notes for Maven 3.6.

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Therefore, Clavia's release cycle might be the following one: new double-manual organ (unlikely in my opinion but not impossible either) -> Stage 4 -> Electro 7. And, before the Stage 4 or the Electro 7, a Lead 5 or A2 might take priority in their plans. That is, I don't think the Electro 7 will be announced before late 2022 at the earliest Fix compilation on libcurl versions between 7.10.5 and 7.12.2, inclusive. Fileinfo: Fixed bug #66946 (fileinfo: extensive backtracking in awk rule regular expression). (CVE-2013-7345) FPM: Added clear_env configuration directive to disable clearenv() call. GD: Fixed bug #66714 (imageconvolution breakage) Releases¶. Community Edition. 21.7 Noble Nightingale Series; 21.1 Marvelous Meerkat Serie Example: 15.1F2 EOE date is 04-Jun-2018, same EOE date for 15.1 mainline 15.1 Releases to 19.4 Releases: EOE date: The date thirty-six (36) months after first general availability date. EOL/EOS date: The date six (6) months after the EOE date. 12.1 Releases to 14.2 Releases (other than EEOL Releases): EOE date: The date twenty four (24) months.

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  1. Hello Guys, Any Idea when the SAP IDES EHP7 is released?? Thank
  2. Over the course of the next few weeks we'll be releasing detailed blogs on all these vSphere 7 features and more. Please stay up to date through the links and information posted in the footer below. Conclusion. As you may have gathered by now, vSphere 7 really is a substantial and game-changing release
  3. In spite of the abbreviated request, there stands for as of now no discussion about season 7 being rearward in Rizzoli & Isles' run. The flow season so far stands for averaging 4.23 million viewers, which is 19% lower than season 5's ratings. Release date of Rizzoli & Isles 7 season will happen somewhere in 2016. Are you a fan of the show
  4. ic Toretto and his crew are enjoying some much needed rest. But Shaw's shadow is about to fall over them again. His brother, Ian, is on a mission of revenge
  5. This release enables log rotation for the pxp-agent on OSX platforms. PA-3491. Added server alias for routes.yaml. When routes.yaml is parsed, it accepts either server or master applications. PUP-10773. OpenSSL bumped to 1.1.1i. This release bumps OpenSSL to 1.1.1i. PA-3513. Curl bumped to 7.74.0. This release bumps Curl to 7.74.0. PA-351
  6. Spring Tool Suite & Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.6.4. 3.6.4.RELEASE (Mrz 10, 2015

(mysql-5.7.35-win32-debug-test.zip) MD5: 85774b192a9d296f7a5ac2d1e264bf13 | Signature Windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive Debug Binaries & Test Suite: 5.7.35: 456.1 Welcome to Confluence 7. It's been almost three years since Confluence 6.0 came along and changed the way we work together. Since then we've extended our Data Center offering, established Long Term Support releases to help you manage your upgrade cycle, and targeted end user pain points around search and the editor The initial GA release, Apache httpd 2.4.1, includes fixes for all vulnerabilities which have been resolved in Apache httpd 2.2.22 and all older releases. Consult the Apache httpd 2.2 vulnerabilities list for more information. Fixed in Apache HTTP Server 2.4.48 moderate: mod_proxy_wstunnel tunneling of non Upgraded connections (CVE-2019-17567 Previous releases may be downloaded and installed only by licensed customers. These older versions are not available for evaluation. In order to use previous releases, you must have a valid license for that specific version or a more current release 2.2.7. cuFFT: Release 11.1 New Features cuFFT is now L2-cache aware and uses L2 cache for GPUs with more than 4.5MB of L2 cache

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Starting with Chromeleon 7.2 CDS SR5 and all subsequent releases, the strategy entails: The Feature Release (FR) channel (major (7.X) and minor (7.X.Y)) introducing new innovations and enabling customers to stay up-to-date with the newest technologies and latest advancements. Maintenance Updates (MU) are released to maintain stability In this post, we are going to have a closer look at the complete details of Brawl Stars Season 7, its release date, and more. The complete details of the Brawl Stars Season 7. The latest Brawl Stars news from its official site has confirmed that Season 7 will be called Jurassic Splash. It will be completely based on the summer theme We have changed the version numbering for Android Gradle plugin (AGP) to more closely match the underlying Gradle build tool. Therefore, AGP 7.0 is the next release after AGP 4.2. For more details, see Versioning changes in the AGP release notes. Android Gradle plugin 7.0.0. The latest version of the Android Gradle plugin includes many updates Release Notes - nopCommerce 4.40.3 (April 7th, 2021) This is a minor release that is fully compatible with the previous version (4.40.0-4.40.2). So all third-party plugins for 4.40 work for all minor versions (4.40.0-4.40.3). It contains several bug fixes and performance improvements

Audience of the new tv series Ada Masali episode 7 looking at what the release date and time around the world. Here Kayi Family has set the episode schedule as per your zone time. Ada Masali Series season 1 was released on 20 June 2021 and has been going on a good rating since it aired Macromedia Flash Player 7 Release Notes. This document addresses issues, primarily for Macromedia Flash MX 2004 developers, which are not discussed in the Macromedia Flash MX 2004 documentation or release notes. This document may be updated periodically as more information becomes available. System requirements

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Apple Watch Series 7: Design and colors. Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech reported that the Apple Watch Series 7 could feature a new design, one that has flat edges like the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. Jun 1st 2015 Windows 10 Release Date Announced (52) Sep 2nd 2014 Futuremark Releases SystemInfo Update to Address Intel X99 Platform Issues (1) Oct 10th 2013 PCMark 8 Updated, Gets Windows 8.1 Compatibility (3) Add your own comment Comments on PCMark 7 Release Date Announced, Preordering Begins. There are no comments yet Meet Django. Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel Oracle Database Release Schedule. These are server releases unless otherwise specified. Server releases always include the native word size client (e.g. 64-bit). Where the platform supports it, a 32-bit and 64-bit client is also part of the release. Table 2 - Database Release Schedule The support is specific to DSE 6.7.7 and later releases. For example, PKCS11 is not supported as a keystore_type in DSE 6.7.6 or earlier 6.7.x releases. PKCS11 is not supported in DSE 6.0.x and 5.1.x releases. PKCS11 is not supported as a truststore_typ

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See Release Log. 3.0.0. 2002-05-29. LGPL. No support, archived release! Download (24MB) See Release Log. JBoss Application Server downloads starting from version 7.0 are hosted on jboss.org. Prior to version 7.0 they are hosted on sourceforge.net. For copyright purposes, a detailed source code change log is stored in the .log file